Holiday a hit despite

The family at Disneyland.
The family at Disneyland.

Mrs McCusker whose son Victor (1) was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at just four weeks, was denied travel insurance by 1Cover (part of the Allianz Group) after assessors deemed Victor unwell to travel because he was taking an antibiotic containing Amoxicillin and Clavulanate.

At the time, Mrs McCusker told the Eastern Reporter she felt there was little understanding of the condition. Her doctor had given her son the all-clear to travel and the antibiotic declared on the insurance application was a preventative and standard treatment for the first two years of her son’s life.

Mrs McCusker said while she was initially worried her son could become ill and the family trip cut short, the visit to Seattle and Disneyland went off without a hitch and her son was well the entire trip.

‘The US was great, exhausting and relaxing at the same time and although it’s nice to be home, it was very hard leaving our American family,’ she said.

‘I was worried about him catching a cold or something from the recycled air on the plane, but he was totally fine and none of us were sick at all.’

Mrs McCusker said although the family had endured some stress during the lead-up to the holiday, she would tell other families in the same situation to go for it ” if given the all-clear from their doctors.

Belinda Cipriano