Josten strikes top notes

James Ledger, Josten Myburgh and composer Mark-Anthony Turnage.
James Ledger, Josten Myburgh and composer Mark-Anthony Turnage.

The Ashfield resident spent three months as part of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra�s (WASO) Composition Project creating and refining original music, which was last week performed by members of WASO in front of a live audience.

Artistic director and composer James Ledger mentored participants throughout the program.

Mr Myburgh, who has travelled to Europe twice with his music, described the eight-minute piece as experimental.

�It explores the reduced sounds of an orchestra,� he said.

�Being part of the program was a really great and different experience; it was really rewarding to work with a large ensemble.�

Mr Myburgh said though he was now completing his Honours degree in composition and music technology at the WA Academy of Performing Arts, he was not always musically inclined.

�I didn�t start playing the drums until I was about nine years old and I didn�t read music until I was about 13,� he said.

�My interest in music came from experimenting with rock music and avant garde jazz when I was about 14 years old.�

A highlight of one of his European tours was in Berlin.

�In Berlin, there is a lot of experimental music; there would be 10 shows every night,� he said.

�That was rewarding and a great way to see cities and meet musicians.�