Kiara Police make arrests after search of Eden Hill ‘drug house’

Syringe found in bush at Jubilee Reserve earlier this year.
Syringe found in bush at Jubilee Reserve earlier this year.

KIARA Police has conducted a search warrant at a suspected drug house in Eden Hill, allegedly linked to the syringes issue at Jubilee Reserve.

Police raided a premise around Jubilee Reserve and Northmoor Road in Eden Hill on Tuesday morning.

Two occupants from the address and a visiting relative were charged with drug offences and will appear in Midland Magistrates Court next week.

Officer in charge Mark Stoneman said police and the Town of Bassendean continued to improve the safety of residents using the reserve.

“Drug use and discarded syringes in nearby Jubilee Reserve has been the subject of recent discussion among residents living in the area resulting in the formation of the Jubilee Action Group,” he said.

“It is hoped the actions taken will improve the community perception of the reserve and make it safer for use.

“Kiara Police will continue to patrol the area and target any drug activity.”

Bassendean MLA Dave Kelly said residents were happy with the successful search warrant.

“It certainly has been noticed in the community and I think the confirmation that the raids have actually resulted in people being charged will be welcomed by the community,” he said.

“What the community would now be hoping is that the (Housing Authority) follow up with those tenants and make a decision as to whether or not the tenants should remain in that housing.

“That is what the community would want to happen because one police raid and one set of charges does not itself resolve the issue is that the house is going to continue to operate as a drug house in three or six months time.”

He said there had been less syringes spotted at Jubilee Reserve and hoped the young occupants of the house received help.

“Quite a few people have said to me that they hope the relevant government agencies also take action to look after those kids as well,” he said.

He said Jubilee Action Group did letter drops to houses close to Jubilee Reserve to warn of the issue.