King William was a tricky road to travel

Pete Adams of Yolk Property Group.
Picture: Martin Kennealey   d450123
Pete Adams of Yolk Property Group. Picture: Martin Kennealey d450123

The Fremantle-based Yolk Property Group director was given the green light last month to develop the seven-storey Heir – 27 apartments plus restaurant and shop space on the ground floor.

The approval by the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) after a second hearing concludes an application process that included State Administrative Tribunal mediation, petitions and a swelling of both community outrage and support.

Mr Adams said they would now start a pre-sales campaign and start to sell apartments, with construction expected to start in six months and be completed in 15 months.

As part of the works, 9 King William Street would be demolished, with the facade of number 11 retained.

Mr Adams said King William Street was “screaming out for” a development like Heir, particularly with its close location to a train station and bicycle path.

“As the street develops in this manner it will be an amazing strip and I’m sure it will be long forgotten we the first, I think it will be a cool little hub,” he said.

“To us, this is the ideal transit-oriented development site.”

Mr Adams said it was frustrating the development was knocked back by JDAP last year, as they had worked with Bayswater City Council officers for nine months on the plans.

“They were like a partner, we met with them probably eight times – we wanted to get it right,” he said.

“To get to that stage and find out it didn’t get approved was frustrating. Then we went back and we mediated, they suggested some changes and we took all of them on board and that’s how the second proposal came about.”

The changes included increased setbacks, more car parks and an amended street facade to be more in line with the street’s heritage values.