Knocked back again

The recommendation will be forwarded to the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel, which originally rejected the proposal from Yolk Property Group for 27 multiple dwellings at 9-11 King William Street.

Metro Central JDAP’s reasons for refusal included non-compliant building setbacks, height and a shortfall of five car park bays.

The applicant appealed the decision at the State Administrative Tribunal, which ordered the developers to amend their plans.

Changes to the current plan include an amended street façade with heritage-style balustrades, increased setbacks, and a car park shortfall of only three bays.

The Metro Central JDAP will reconsider the proposal this Friday.

Councillor Dan Bull said the proposal still had seven storeys.

Deputy Mayor Stephanie Coates said the Council had a duty to ensure the application was compliant.

However, Cr John Rifici said the development was “exactly what we need”.

The City’s report stated the plans did not comply with design, height and setback requirements, town planning scheme car parking requirements and were inconsistent with the Council’s and community’s expectation and vision for the site.

“Approving the development will set an undesirable precedent,” it stated.