Light rail not priority

I HAVE to say, sorry Mr McGowan, I for one do not care in this instance whether the light rail from Perth to Mirrabooka goes ahead or not, Rail claims refuted, Reporter, June 2.

The only thing I can see the light rail on that route doing is making it more of a traffic jam for cars.

It is only going to duplicate a bus route that works quite successfully at the moment and will be of no benefit to not only my suburb of Ballajura, but also Bennett Springs, Alexander Heights, Landsdale and other areas.

What is needed more urgently is the rail line to both the domestic and international airports and Ellenbrook, and if that is not possible, then better bus services to those areas.

Buses need to run to midnight every day of the week, including Sundays and public holidays, and more frequently, instead of the stupid set-up of the last bus being at 9pm and the hour or more in between services as it is right now.

We need better cross-suburb bus routes and we need all buses to be fully accessible.

Those issues need fixing long before the light rail fiasco gets started.