Local Government Minister David Templeman pledges consultation in review of Local Government Act

NEWLY appointed Local Government Minister David Templeman says he will consult with councils to review the Local Government Act this year.

While the current act does not cover no-confidence motions, Mr Templeman did not rule out the motions being part of the review following recent motions at four metropolitan councils.

Town of Bassendean ratepayers passed a motion of no-confidence in Mayor John Gangell and chief executive Bob Jarvis at a special meeting of electors in November, but no action was taken.

Three no-confidence motions were dismissed by Cr Gangell at another special meeting on March 14.

Meanwhile, City of Stirling ratepayers passed a motion of no -confidence against chief executive Stuart Jardine in December.

Mr Templeman said ratepayers had a “democratic right” to move these motions if they had concerns about local government or its representatives.

“This option should be regarded only as an expression of the views or concerns of the people at the meeting, and not necessarily indicative of the views or concerns of the majority of ratepayers in the district,” he said.

“No-confidence motions arise occasionally, depending on issues in the community, and local governments would be wise to consider the rationale behind such motions as they arise.

“The Local Government Act is complex and requires reform.”

Mr Templeman said he did not recall any no-confidence motions during his time at the City of Mandurah.

Mr Jardine said the City looked forward to working with Mr Templeman to review the Act.

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