MacTiernan accuses state of secrecy over disability justice centres

Ms MacTiernan criticised the State Government’s secrecy regarding the issue and inconsistencies in the selection of the Lord Street site on the border of Caversham and Lockridge.

City of Swan unanimously rejected the application for the disability justice centre at a council meeting last October, but the State Government overruled the City.

Ms MacTiernan said greater transparency was needed regarding why the site was chosen.

‘Planning Minister John Day is channelling Federal Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and imposing a cone of silence around the planning approval of the disability detention centre in Lockridge,’ she said.

‘The decision to lob two centres in the Lockridge area has been highly controversial especially as, prior to the last election, the (State) Government had reversed an earlier decision to place them in marginal seats.’

The City has resolved to write to WA Planning Minister and chair of WAPC to request the reasons for the approval of the centre on Lord Street in Caversham.

Lockridge resident Tracy Spice lives across from the proposed site with her family and said she would consider moving if the disability justice centre went ahead.

‘I do have hope it won’t happen, I won’t give up. I’m happy with the City of Swan’s decision because it is something being done,’ she said. ‘I’d like to see the WAPC be forthcoming with their decision to choose Lockridge and then be held to account for the decision.’

In the meantime, the City will send letters to residents to advise the planning process followed by the City and WAPC.