Man up for test, urges dad

Two years on, the Bassendean resident is now a proud father and supporting other men under 50 diagnosed with the disease.

Mr Bonnet developed the Younger Men’s Prostate Cancer Support Group and expressed its importance at the Western Australian Support Group Leader Training in Northbridge last month.

The 39-year-old said that when he was diagnosed, one of the issues was that everyone at support groups were almost double his age.

‘It was very hard for me to relate to them,’ Mr Bonnet said.

‘My issues were a lot different to theirs, seeing as they already had families and kids, whereas I had to think about going to fertility clinics which these other guys didn’t have to deal with.’

The father-of-one said the group also raised awareness that prostate cancer did not discriminate on the basis of age and that people needed to be tested before they turned 40.

‘The diagnosis is scary, it feels like your life is pretty much over when doctors are talking to you about, not only the cancer, but the incontinence and erectile dysfunctions at such a young age,’ Mr Bonnet said.

‘It takes a blood test as an indication for further testing so for the sake of a blood test, why not just do it as a yearly check-up?’