Maylands: Bardon Park Friends Group to plant 2500 native plants on community planting day

Bayswater Mayor Dan Bull and Bardon Park Friends Group co-ordinator David Dyke.
Bayswater Mayor Dan Bull and Bardon Park Friends Group co-ordinator David Dyke.

BARDON Park Friends Group (BPFG) will be planting more than 2500 native plants including acacias and banksias, in a bid to revegetate a cleared area which had invasive weeds.

The group was formed in 2016 to tackle years of weed growth in the wetlands, which is owned by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC), the City of Bayswater and a private owner.

The group will be planting acacia, banksia, hakea, melaleuca and eucalypts on its community planting day on July 1.

The area filled with weeds in August 2017.


Co-ordinator David Dyke said he hoped to have more than 30 residents attend the event.

“(We want to) involve everyone in planting all different heights and types of the tube stock that has been bought in, all natives and would have been the type originally in that area,” he said.

“The area where we have cleared out all the peppers and lantana, (we) then spread mulch to minimise weed regrowth in the re-vegetated area for the new plants.”

The area after clean-up in June 2018.

Mr Dyke said other common weeds included pampas grass, Morning Glory creeper, blackberry, agave and non-native eucalyptus.

Bayswater Mayor Dan Bull said the City had been working with the group over the past year to restore the wetlands.

“Thanks to the hard work of dedicated volunteers, we will not only increase the City’s urban tree canopy, but provide a more diverse habitat for frogs and birds along the Swan River,” he said.


What: Bardon Park Community Planting Day

When: Sunday, July 1, from 8.30am to 11.30am

Where: Bardon Park, Bardon Place, Maylands

Contact: David Dyke at