Mayor denies upstaging councillor

At the February 23 meeting, councillors were divided evenly over Cr Renée McLennan’s motion to initiate a review to increase the number of councillors from six to nine to allow for greater diversity and transparency.

Cr McLennan also wanted public feedback on the move. Cr Gangell was one of three against it and used his casting vote to quash it.

The decision was met with outbursts from members of the gallery, with one resident saying she was “disgusted” with the decision and saying Cr Gangell was “gone at the next election”.

Last week, Cr Gangell put forward a similar motion in a move that was suggested by a gallery member to be an attempt to upstage Cr McLennan.

The new motion moved for public comment on more councillors but also sought a review of the method of electing the mayor by inviting submissions from the public.

Cr Gangell denied he was trying to upstage Cr McLennan.

He said he supported the motion for more councillors but only if a review was done on how the mayor was elected, which he had previously stated.

“I have discussed this with Councillor McLennan,” he said.

His motion passed, with only Cr Bob Brown voting against it.

Cr Brown voted in favour of Cr McLennan’s motion in February.

At the February meeting, Cr McLennan urged her fellow councillors to support her motion.

She said she would be “extremely disappointed and appalled” if her fellow councillors would not even consider it.