Meth Helpline: new 24-hour phone service launched for ice users

Andrea Mitchell launching the helpline in 2016.
Andrea Mitchell launching the helpline in 2016.

The State Government has launched a 24/7 telephone helpline for meth users and people concerned that family or friends may be using the drug.

The Meth Helpline call centre, part of the Government’s $14.9 million Western Australian Meth Strategy, has a call centre with about 15 counsellors.

Each counsellor is professionally qualified in social and behavioural sciences, and has extensive experience in the drug and alcohol sector.

In launching the service, Health Minister Andrea Mitchell said a call to the helpline – which is confidential – would be the first step for a lot of people in turning their lives around.

“I urge people with meth-related issues to call the Meth Helpline and talk with the professional counsellors about the treatment and support services available to them,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Now I can simply say ‘call the helpline’ and know that the start of something potentially life-changing is just one phone call away for people.

“It’s important to remember that it helps to get help.

“No matter what the circumstances, helpline counsellors will be there to listen and provide help and support.”

Liana Marrone, co-ordinator of the Alcohol and Drug Support Service, said the fact people could call the line anonymously would be a big drawcard for users.

“We get a lot of calls from people who are using, often when they’re experiencing some negative consequences around their use,” Ms Marrone said.

“So they might start experiencing relationship difficulties or start having some legal issues, some financial worries.

“We’re confidential, people can remain anonymous and we can give them the support they need.”

To call the Meth Helpline phone 1800 874 878.