Disability Justice Centre Location Ideal

Disability Justice Centre Location Ideal

DISABILITY Services Minister Helen Morton met with 12 Lockridge community members this morning to address concerns around the safety of the Bennett Brook Disability Justice Centre.

The meeting follows the escape of two residents on New Year’s Eve.

The Minister maintains the Lockridge location is “ideal”, but will review the security of the facility.

“I think the location is ideal, it meets the criteria that we identified for a facility of this type, it is a place that has accommodated people with disabilities, some people returning from prison, for over three decades, it is in every respect an ideal location,” she said.

“The Mentally Impaired Accused Review Board was contacted about these people at the time they absconded.

“Their direction to us was to continue the program that we’ve got with them, including the location of their custody.”

Ms Morton will meet with residents again on January 20 and provide a written response to their concerns in the meantime.