Mirrabooka servo one of the cheapest fuel outlets in the state

Photo: File image.
Photo: File image.

A MIRRABOOKA petrol station has been named one of the cheapest in WA after FuelWatch released its top 10 list last month.

Unleaded fuel at Caltex Woolworths Mirrabooka averaged 112.4 cents per litre in 2016, with the Perth-wide average 115.9 cents per litre – the lowest price in 11 years.

Vibe in North Perth and Chidlow Growers Mart were the cheapest sites for the year.

Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said he recommended motorists not be loyal to any brand.

“On any day of the week, the difference between the highest and lowest prices for unleaded petrol in Perth can be as high as 25 cents per litre so a motorist, who fills up at the most expensive station, could save $15 per tank if they bought the same petrol at the cheapest site,” he said.

“That is an annual saving of $780 based on regular weekly fills,” he said.