More locations sought for Maylands public toilet

The sculpture under the Seventh Avenue bridge in Maylands. Picture: Kristie Lim.
The sculpture under the Seventh Avenue bridge in Maylands. Picture: Kristie Lim.

BAYSWATER Council will consider alternative locations for a public toilet on the railway side of Whatley Crescent in Maylands.

Councillors voted unanimously at the May 28 meeting for Cr Elli Petersen-Pik’s motion to ask chief executive Andrew Brien to prepare a report with alternate locations and costs for the June 11 meeting.

In February, the council accepted a $140,000 State Government grant to install a public toilet under the Seventh Avenue bridge and relocate a sculpture to the other side of the bridge.

Since then, the Exeloo toilet has been ordered and Main Roads WA approved the location.

However, following months of opposition to the location from Maylands Ratepayers and Residents Association members, the City has committed to investigate alternate suitable sites.

An example of an Exeloo toilet. Picture: City of Bayswater council agenda.

Cr Petersen-Pik said there was a 4.8m area on Whatley Crescent which was not owned by the Public Transport Authority where the toilet could be placed.

“We are not rescinding the previous motion…we are just looking for alternate options and make sure we have left no stone unturned,” he said.

Association members met Bayswater strategic planning and place manager Matt Turner last week to discuss alternate options.

The association and PTA security guards indicated that the PTA’s property did not include the area used for parking to the south-west of the station carpark, which is part of the Whatley Crescent road reserve.

The City will write to the PTA to clarify the land ownership of the portion of land.

According to an officer’s report, if the council selected an alternate site, there might be implications relating to the grant funding received and other State Government approvals.

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