Morley: Bayswater Council reinstates parking permits for Morley Markets businesses

Morley: Bayswater Council reinstates parking permits for Morley Markets businesses

MORLEY Markets business owners and staffers will have parking permits returned to them for a 12-month trial period after the City of Bayswater abolished them back in December.

There are one-hour, three-hour and eight-hour parking bays surrounding the building, which is located next to Morley Library and Caltex petrol station and across from Galleria Shopping Centre.

The building has several retailers and eateries, including Galaxy Beads, Camera House, Jester’s, Mamak House, Godfreys and RAC.

Grocery stores IGA and Morley Market Fresh have recently closed down.

The City, which owns all parking bays, removed staff permits in December.

The permits had been in place for 12 years.

At the August 21 committee meeting, Bayswater Council supported councillor Stephanie Gray’s alternate motion to allocate two annual parking permits per business for staff working longer than three hour shifts.

Cr Gray’s motion also recommended a minor parking scheme review of the existing eight-hour parking bays and allocation of the bays to permit holders.

City officers will prepare a report to council on the permits before the end of 2019.

Officers recommended not to approve allocated parking bays or permits for businesses.

Camera House staffer Jordan Prince-Wright, who addressed council, said staffers had to move their cars throughout the day and ran the risk of paying $80 fines.

“I earn $110 a day, I come out and find a $80 fine so that means I don’t actually earn $110 a day,” he said.“Council decided the eight-hour parking was going to be a solution.

“It may seem like a solution, but some of us don’t work eight hours – including myself.

“We get there at 8am to open up and try to secure a parking bay and we finish at 5.30pm – that is more than eight hours.”

Mr Prince-Wright said it was unsafe to walk alone at night, especially if staffers parked at Morley Sport and Recreation Centre – the nearest area with available parking.

Cr Gray said there seemed to be enough customer parking.

“I understand the frustration of the people in the building however I would echo the comments of some of the other councillors that it is not the council’s responsibility to provide parking and we cannot magically make parking appear,” she said.

Cr Lorna Clarke, whose deferral motion was lost, said councillors should make sure the changes covered all employees and avoid the same issue coming back to council in six months.

Mayor Dan Bull said the council should consider adopting the same approach for all small businesses by revoking a February decision not allow parking permits for businesses along Old Collier Road.