Morley church seeks approval for services after operating without approval

The proposed church site in Morley.
The proposed church site in Morley.

CITY of Bayswater is undertaking compliance action on a religious organisation which has been operating church services without approval in Morley, after some residents expressed concerns over noise, traffic and lack of parking.

God Resurrection Power Ministries (GRPM) – Perth has hosted evening services featuring live performances and food at Lot 1, 505 Walter Road East, Morley since February.

The organisation’s planning application for a proposed change of use to place of worship, including ancillary food and beverage area, office and warehouse, is up for comment until March 13.

Part of the proposal includes eight staff, operating hours from Monday to Saturday, 6pm to 9pm, and Sunday, 3pm to 7pm and 40 car bays, which is 50 short from the required 90 bays.

According to the application, there would be about 25 people attending from Monday to Thursday and Saturday, and between 80 and 100 people on Friday and Sunday.

Bayswater Mayor Dan Bull said feedback received from public advertising would form part of a report to be considered by council on April 10.

“We are aware that some concerns have been expressed about the proposed change of use, particularly in terms of noise, traffic and lack of parking given the shortfall of parking bays proposed by the applicant,” he said.

“We are conscious that the site is currently being used as a place of worship without approval and the City is undertaking compliance action in respect of the unauthorised use.”

A Bayswater resident who asked not to be named, and who lives directly across from the site, said several residents were “disrupted” by the noise during the services.

“We had the window door shut, we have a 6ft brick fence and we could hear it in every part of our property as if it was in our house,” she said.

“When they were getting ready to start, because we did not know what was going in here at all, we just thought it was going to be another restaurant.

“They were doing work at 1am or 2am, the place lit up like a Christmas tree – we could hear them yelling, talking and carrying on all hours in the day and night.

“I am fine with religion, race… I just don’t’ want a religious establishment across the road from my house.”

GRPM was contacted for comment.

The application can be viewed at

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