Morley: JDAP approves changes to Vera St apartment development

The vacant former church site on Vera Street in Morley. Picture: Kristie Lim
The vacant former church site on Vera Street in Morley. Picture: Kristie Lim

THE Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) has given the green light for more landscaping and additional bathrooms to the previously approved three-storey Vera Street apartments in Morley.

In December, the proposal was approved by the panel following a request by the State Administrative Tribunal to reconsider its May 2017 refusal.

At its meeting this morning, the panel supported applicant 55 Vera Street Morley Pty Ltd’s minor internal modifications to the development comprising 28 apartments at the former church site on Lot 4, 55 Vera Street in Morley, 5-0.

Modifications worth $98,000 include the addition of a second bathroom to 14 units, cleaners store being relocated from the entry foyer to the basement, additional shade landscaping in carparking areas and landscaping in front of the piers between carparking bays.

City of Bayswater officers recommended to remove the landscaping at the piers because it wouldn’t be practical for cars to manoeuvre around, but the panel voted to keep the landscaping.

Lavan Legal associate lawyer Brendan Foley said he engaged a landscaping consultant and an engineer about the changes.

City planning and building services manager Helen Smith said cars would likely “run over” the piers but the applicant advised the piers could be relocated.

JDAP deputy presiding member Sheryl Chaffer said there was only one tight spot in terms of manoeuvrability and the maintenance of the landscaping was the responsibility of the applicant.

Bayswater Deputy Mayor and panel member Chris Cornish said while he was against the overall development, more landscaping was a positive and he supported the amendments.

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