Move for memorial

The issue, ongoing for more than two years, has divided the town with many unsure whether relocation is the right thing to do.

Eden Hill resident Val Dreyer said during public question time at the meeting she did not believe the Town had taken on board what the people wanted.

Mrs Dreyer said she had presented in May 2011 a petition signed by 521 residents rejecting the relocation, yet ‘it seemed to go unnoticed’.

‘The whole exercise has been badly handled,’ she said.

‘There is far more emotion about it than meets the eye and it’s been disappointing how things have been done.’

During last week’s meeting, Crs Jennie Carter, Mike Lewis and Gerry Pule supported the consensus that it was time to move the memorial to a much bigger area where there would be easier access for people with disabilities and where it would take pride of place in the Town of Bassendean.

Cr Anne Brinkworth disagreed.

‘I have agonised over this for two weeks,’ Cr Brinkworth said.

‘At first I said ‘no way’ but then I looked closely at the plans and I liked it.

‘But in the meantime I have had lots of feedback and they (the community) are divided 50-50 and it (the memorial) belongs to the people.’

Mayor John Gangell said the council would be keeping the community well informed of the relocation process.

‘Once completed, this is a project our community can be very proud of and (it will) provide a true pride of place for the Bassendean War Memorial and Civic Gardens,’ Cr Gangell said.

The Bassendean War Memorial will be moved to BIC Reserve, bordered by Guildford Road, Wilson Street and James Street.

The design incorporates retaining Movies by Burswood at its current location.

Works are expected to be completed towards the second half of the year.