Musician turns to politics – no Bull

Dan Bull. Picture: David Baylis   d442766
Dan Bull. Picture: David Baylis d442766

Former Eskimo Joe keyboardist Dan Bull will contest the west ward seat currently held by Councillor Martin Toldo.

As the son of local radio broadcaster Ted Bull, the Bayswater resident said music had always been part of his life, having started playing the piano at four and the french horn at 10.

Mr Bull said he studied the horn at the University of Western Australia and played in the WA Orchestra before studying law and returning to the music scene.

�I was OK at guitar but there weren’t many people playing keys around the local band scene at that time and so I decided that’s what I would do,� he said.

Mr Bull toured with The Sleepy Jackson supporting Eskimo Joe which led to touring with the Eskies for more than two years before returning to law.

His sights are now set on becoming a councillor to contribute more in addressing local issues and concerns.

Mr Bull said his first encounter with Bayswater council was through road safety issues near his house.

�We live opposite a park with a lake and we have a couple of young kids,� he said.

�I was worried about my kids and the wildlife from the lake getting hit by traffic.

�From that I got involved in a community committee relating to road traffic management and found that to be a really good experience.�

Mr Bull said if elected he would be a transparent and accountable councillor who was active and accessible.

�I will support the introduction of a Property Developer Contact Register,� he said.