Mythical Greek inventor inspires Maylands Fringeworld event

Mythical Greek inventor inspires Maylands Fringeworld event

MYTHICAL Greek inventor Daedalus has inspired an art event that spans four Maylands arts spaces, featuring performance, robotics, sculptures, sound installation and video.

Hellenic Ekhos – a collective of Hellenic-Australian artists – will host The Daedalus Project as part of the Fringe World Festival at Ferguson Foundry, Chrissie Parrot Arts, Johnny Ma Studios and Henry on Eighth’s gallery.

The exhibition will be feature new work by Stelarc, Darwin’s Ioannis Michaloudis, Melbourne’s Victoria Holessis and local artists Chris Cobilis, Masonik, Steve Paraskos, Renee Doropoulos and Petros Vouris.

Dr Michaloudis’ work has been chosen by NASA to feature in the first man-made sculpture to be permanently displayed on the moon.

Hellenic Ekhos founder Petros Vouris said he started looking at new gallery Ferguson Foundry as an option to host the show but it was not large enough.

“I loved it but for eight artists who use sounds, robotics and projections, you needed to separate the works a bit,” he said.

“All (the art galleries) are within walking distance and I like the idea of having a walking exhibition so you can be involved in the community as well.

“In Greek culture we have a thing called panegyri which is a musical event, a party and you go from venue to venue.”

At Chrissie Parrott Arts, Vouris, Curtin University research fellow Stelarc, as well as a team of collaborators including engineer Tim Jewell, have teamed together to create the robotic ‘Stick-man’.

The gesture-generating system will move Stelarc across the space and create a “whirlpool” of sound.

A 360-degree video of the opening night’s performance will allow attendees to view the performance through the eyes of the ‘Stick-man’.

The project is named after Daedalus, who is better known through the loss of his son Icarus, and symbolises the relationship between art and technology in ancient Greek culture.

A one-day symposium will also be held with university experts at The RISE on technology and Hellenic themes in art.

The opening night The Daedalus Project will start at Ferguson Foundry, Friday, February 3, 6pm before moving to other venues.

The exhibition will run until February 17. More information at