New rainwater tank filled with possibilities

EHPS principal Janet Wood said the school was committed to the school environment and improvement in sustainability.

‘A component of the long-term plan is the cultivation of an orchard and a wider variety of vegetables,’ she said.

‘A rainwater tank would irrigate the plants and help reduce the school’s water bills.

‘It would also help the students, the decision-makers of the future, understand the need to conserve this precious resource and use it wisely.’

Ms Wood said a major component of the Three Tanks Competition consisted of a school water audit lesson.

‘This involved measuring the average flow rate of drinking fountains, taps and cisterns and observing any signs of leakage,’ she said.

‘The results were displayed in a poster and an action plan was drawn up to address water efficiency.

‘Year 7 students discovered that three drinking fountains, six taps and two cisterns were in fact leaking and the only faucet containing a water saving device was a showerhead.

‘In addition the school was required to demonstrate its continued commitment to the Waterwise Program through the provision of water education to the school community.’