No go on cement plant

Council refused WA Limestone’s original proposal to build the plant with 16 storage bins, three 19-metre high silos and retaining walls ranging from five to eight metres in height in 2011 due to dust, noise and the visual impact concerns.

The applicant appealed against the decision and took the matter to the State Administration Tribunal (SAT) before revising the proposal, reducing the number of storage bins to 13, the height of the silos to 15.6m and the number of retaining walls.

Despite the changes, council refused the application and referred it again to the SAT for mediation.

The SAT ordered the City to provide a list of draft planning conditions by May 10 which would be considered appropriate if the applicant appealed the City’s latest decision and the SAT determined the application to be approved.

Deputy Mayor Barry McKenna said despite putting forward the planning conditions, council still refused to have the plant developed and would continue arguing strongly for the ratepayers.

He said they had to wait for the outcome but would have options if the applicant appealed against the council’s decision.

Councillor Chris Cornish said that despite spending about $100,000, it was necessary to stand up to the non-elected body (SAT) for residents and ratepayers.

According to the council agenda, the City spent about $98,800 defending the case and estimated $20,000-$40,000 more in legal and consultant expenses would be spent continuing to defend the case.