Bassendean Mayor John Gangell suggests Bassendean could have no representation without ward system

Bassendean Mayor John Gangell has concerns about local government reform.
Bassendean Mayor John Gangell has concerns about local government reform.

BASSENDEAN Mayor John Gangell says it is likely his Town will have no representation under the new-look Bayswater council next year.

It follows Premier Colin Barnett and Local Government Minister Tony Simpson’s address to mayors at Wednesday’s Local Government Advisory Board that 30 councils would be reduced to 16.

Under the changes the City of Bayswater, Town of Bassendean and about 25,000 City of Stirling residents will form the new City of Bayswater.

‘Obviously for Bassendean it’s a disappointing announcement and what effectively is going to happen is a clear takeover of the Town,’ Cr Gangell said.

The new City will have 14 councillors, including the Mayor, all of whom will be elected, but there will be not be a ward structure, something Cr Gangell said was one of the most unfortunate things for the Town.

‘There’s going to be no ward structures, therefore even trying to retain representation of Bassendean is going to be very difficult,’ he said.

‘There’s the potential for us to go up for council but obviously without a ward structure it’s too difficult to guarantee representation from Bassendean on to Bayswater, and with the Stirling component coming in they are much bigger than us.

‘You look at the sheer numbers and the numbers aren’t in Bassendean’s favour.’

Cr Gangell has not ruled out running for a spot in the new council, but for now wants to finish what he and his fellow councillors have started.

‘I’ll likely put my hand up again; politics is politics and the community may decide they’ve had enough of me or they may want me to continue on and that is the decision for the electors to make,’ he said.

‘We will try get as much done as we can to ensure the future of our community and our Town to make it the best we can with the time we have left.

‘It’s a priority for us to complete as many projects as we can.’