Push to Close Bayswater Street Roller Hockey

A GROUP of Bayswater residents want the plug pulled on Australia’s only street roller hockey league and filed a formal complaint with Bayswater City Council.

Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club and the Street Roller Hockey League joined forces late last year and the league converted an old green into a skating rink, saving the broke bowls club in the process.

However, some residents have complained of loud noise and swearing and want the league canned.

About 40 people including councillors, City officers and bowls club members attended a residents’ meeting Monday night to ensure the league did not “unduly impact residents”.

Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club president Steve Lay said some residents complained of noise and swearing, despite the fact matches finished by 9pm.

“Some people thought the bowling club had no right to have the roller hockey club,” he said.

Mr Lay said they would “take steps” to address the complaints and were in the process of upgrading the rink.

He said resolved to request the league have a “no-swearing” policy and not to talk loudly when leaving the premises.

At the meeting, City officers confirmed the roller league fit zoning requirements.

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