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Lara Alban and her mother Shauna.
Lara Alban and her mother Shauna.

TO many, Lara Alban embodies the qualities of a hero.

On a cool night in September 2015, Lara’s instincts kicked in when she ran to help her mother, Shauna, who had been kicked in the face by a horse and had fallen to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.

Lara rang 000 and used her T-shirt to apply pressure to the bleeding before paramedics arrived.

Her efforts resulted in a 2015 St John Community Hero Award.

This year, as an ambassador for the awards, she wants to ensure other heroes get deserved recognition.

“The awards are great because they commemorate people who do great things,” Lara said.

St John Community Hero Awards are awarded to people who have displayed exceptional judgement and skill to deliver care to someone in a medical emergency.

“Saving a life through decisive and fast action is incredibly heroic,” St John chief executive Tony Ahern said.

“Winners of the Community Hero Awards are recognised for acts deemed by the judging panel to be selfless, courageous and which provided a significant benefit to the member of the public being aided.”

Lara’s mother Shauna, who has now recovered from the accident and has maintained her love for horses, remains full of praise for her daughter’s heroic actions.

“I am in awe of Lara’s actions on that night. She remained calm throughout the incident and I am very proud of the way she handled the situation,” she said.

“I don’t know many 11-year-olds who could have handled a situation like that with such level-headedness, including using the light from my mobile phone to help guide the paramedics to the scene.

“Sometimes you don’t realise people have that capability until something like this happens and they step up, like Lara did that night.”  


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