Noranda: Western Australian Seabird Rescue investigating duck stuck in a coffee lid

THE Western Australian Seabird Rescue is calling on the public’s help to spot a duck with a plastic coffee cup lid stuck around its neck in Lightning Swamp Bushland in Noranda.

A photo of the duck, taken on July 1, was posted on the Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland’s Facebook page yesterday.

The duck was last seen in the eastern wetland of the bushland.

Western Australian Seabird Rescue committee member Barbara Manson said several rescuers looked for the duck yesterday but could not find it.

“We are relying on someone to see that duck again and report it so we can get out there and rescue it,” she said.

“We see quite a bit of it.“It is all the rubbish that people leave around the place and becomes a hazard to wildlife.

“They ingest plastic but they also get plastic bags around their feet or anything that is manmade, which is a problem for wildlife.

“We see quite a bit of it.”

She said 90 per cent of their rescues were from fishing line entanglement.

If you spot the duck, contact the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055 or the Seabird Rescue on 0418 952 683.