Old Perth Road work defended

Mr Jarvis said the town had also budgeted funds to install a water meter to allow for a drinking fountain in the future.

The comments come after a retailer last week urged other shop owners at the train station end of the street to band together to revitalise their section to attract more customers.

Simone Hegge said council support had been lacking.

Ms Hegge said she wanted to see more plants in the traffic island – and she was not alone.

Cafe owner Rodney Warner also felt that section of the street had been neglected and Bassendean MLA Dave Kelly has lobbied the State Government to buy lots 5 and 6 to ensure it is developed soon.

The story also got feedback from community members on the Eastern Reporter Facebook page.

Angelique Street said the proposed redevelopment had got people talking about the street’s wasted potential.

“It is a shame that this area is not available to be considered as part of the redevelopment,” she said.

Mr Jarvis said the town had already installed lighting on building facades and in trees and street furniture.

“In the past the town has brick-paved between the trees in the median strip to allow for pedestrian movement,” he said.

“Currently participants of the Bassendean Market walk over the median strip in Old Perth Road between Guildford Road and Wilson Street and therefore, at this stage, the area will remain mulched to allow for sufficient space for the tree roots and the watering of the trees.”