Outgoing Bayswater boss to leave by end of the month

Cam Sinclair, Francesca Lefante and Michael Sutherland.
Cam Sinclair, Francesca Lefante and Michael Sutherland.

CITY of Bayswater chief executive Francesca Lefante will pack up her office by the end of the month, after Council decided not renew her contract.

Eight of out 11 councillors voted in support of letting her go at a meeting last month, after eight years as chief executive.

After two more confidential discussions, the Council, chief executive and City agreed Ms Lefante’s employment with the City would end September 30.

Finance and corporate services director Carissa Bywater will become acting chief executive from October 1.

Mayor Barry McKenna said the terms of the agreement were confidential and “neither party will have any further comment to make about the matter”.

“As director of planning and development services, Francesca introduced a series of process improvements and efficiency measures that helped us to become more responsive to our customers,” he said.

“Under her stewardship as chief executive since 2008, Francesca has steered the ship during some challenging times, including the pressures placed on the organisation during the State Government’s ill-fated push for local government reform and the introduction of the integrated planning framework.”

Ms Lefante said for 15 years she worked with some outstanding mayors, councillors and staff.

“With my time at the helm drawing to a close, I want to acknowledge the support of my senior management group, our management team and all of those who have shared this journey with me,” she said.

“There are some incredibly talented people working for the City and the ability of the City to punch well above its weight within the resources available continues to be a matter of great pride.

“All things pass and it is now time for me to focus on the challenges ahead.”