Pain at the pump: Perth fuel prices reach record high

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PAIN at the pump is increasing in Perth as fuel prices increase by 13 cents per litre (cpl) tomorrow, taking them to an all-time high.

Tomorrow’s average unleaded petrol (ULP) price is due to hit 160.7 cpl in the Perth metro area.

The previous Perth unleaded petrol daily average record was 160.6 cpl on July 25, 2013.

FuelWatch is encouraging Perth drivers to fill up today to save money.

The price rise comes as more than 69,000 people have pledged to go on a fuel strike in October.

The Facebook event (click here for more) is encouraging Australians to “rise up against the petroleum industry” and make a stand on October 26.

On the day, people taking part have pledged not to enter a fuel station.

Organisers hope the loss of fuel profits and reduced sales of groceries will be enough to “send a shock to the industry”.

They are encouraging people to catch public transport or find alternative methods of transport for the weekend.

On Tuesday, all Coles Express sites are hiking their ULP price to 165.9 cpl (an increase of 20 cpl).

Most Caltex sites are hiking their ULP price to 163.9 cpl, most Puma sites to 162.9 cpl, most 7-Eleven, Caltex Woolworths and BP sites to 161.9 cpl, most United sites to 158.7 cpl, some Vibe sites to 152.7 cpl and most Better Choice sites to 151.5 cpl.

Perth’s weekly petrol price cycle results in prices, on average, being cheapest on Sunday and Monday and at their most expensive on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday’s cheapest ULP is available for:

  • 139.9 cpl at Puma High Wycombe in the East;
  • 138.2 cpl at Caltex Woolworths Maddington West and Caltex Woolworths South Lake in the South; and
  • 138.2 cpl at Caltex Woolworths Ellenbrook and Caltex Woolworths Greenwood in the North.

Tuesday’s cheapest ULP will be available for:

  • 142.9 cpl at FastFuel 24/7 in the East;
  • 139.3 cpl at Caltex Woolworths South Lake in the South; and
  • 139.3 cpl at Caltex Woolworths Osborne Park and United Ellenbrook in the North.

Drivers can head to Fuel Watch to find the cheapest fuel in their area.