Perth Christmas shopping hours: an extra 49 hours to spend over the festive period

Perth Christmas shopping hours: an extra 49 hours to spend over the festive period

WEST Australians will have an extra 49 hours to shop for their loved ones this Christmas period.

Beginning on Tuesday December 5, general retail shops in the metro area will be allowed to open from 7am until 9pm, an extra hour on their usual 8am-9pm.

On Saturdays they will be allowed to open from 7am until 6pm (normally 8am until 5pm) and from 8am until 6pm on Sundays (normally 11am until 5pm).

The extended trading hours will end on New Year’s Day.

Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Johnston has also approved extended trading hours for Australia Day (8am to 6pm), adding an extra four hours for consumers to shop.

“The McGowan Government wants consumers and major Perth retailers to take full advantage of Christmas and post-Christmas shopping this year,” Mr Johnston said.

“We support local businesses and workers, which is why some of the restrictions will allow staff to take time off and enjoy the Christmas festivities.

“I urge all Western Australians to support our community and protect local jobs by buying your Christmas presents from local retailers who need your business.”

The news was welcomed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Today’s announcement is welcome news for consumers, who will have greater choice, flexibility and convenience, for business, who will benefit from the increased activity, and for workers, who will have the opportunity to earn more money during this peak business trading period,” CCI Chief Executive Officer Deidre Willmott said.

“This is a significant win for WA businesses and consumers who have come to expect, and utilise, extended trading hours to help balance work and family commitments, increase employment opportunities, and create a more level playing field to compete.

“Extending retail trading hours will create additional hours for the 128,000 West Australians who say they are underemployed and want more work.

“It will also create additional jobs, many of which will be filled by young people which has an unemployment rate of 14.4 per cent in WA.”

Christmas shopping hours:

Tuesday, December 57am-9pm
Wednesday, December 67am-9pm
Thursday, December 77am-9pm
Friday, December 87am-9pm
Saturday, December 97am-6pm
Sunday, December 108am-6pm
Monday, December 117am-9pm
Tuesday, December 127am-9pm
Wednesday, December 137am-9pm
Thursday, December 147am-9pm
Friday, December 157am-9pm
Saturday, December 167am-6pm
Sunday, December 178am-6pm
Monday, December 187am-9pm
Tuesday, December 197am-9pm
Wednesday, December 207am-9pm
Thursday, December 217am-9pm
Friday, December 227am-9pm
Saturday, December 237am-6pm
Sunday, December 248am-6pm
Monday, December 25CLOSED (Christmas Day)
Tuesday, December 268am-6pm (Boxing Day)
Wednesday, December 277am-9pm
Thursday, December 287am-9pm
Friday, December 297am-9pm
Saturday, December 307am-6pm
Sunday, December 318am-6pm
Monday, January 18am-6pm (New Year’s Day)
Tuesday, January 28am-9pm (normal trading hours resume)
Friday, January 268am-6pm (Australia Day)