Perth weather: wet and windy weekend ahead

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ENJOY the dry calm of today’s weather while it lasts, because it appears we’re headed for a wet and windy weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast winds of up to 50km/h on Saturday with the possiblity of 15-25mm of rain.

But it won’t be too brisk with a minimum of 11C and maximum of 20C.

The predictions do not get much better if you’re heading to the West Coast Eagles game on Sunday afternoon with winds of up to 55km/h and a strong chance of showers producing 6-15mm of rain.

We’re headed for a max 18C today, partly cloudy with no rain expected. It could get fairly chilly overnight with a minimum 5C predicted in the early hours.

It is likely to be windier tomorrow with a late shower or two and 21C maximum.