How Perth workers can get 10 days off in 2019, using three days of annual leave

Woman using her phone while relaxing in a hammock by the beach
Woman using her phone while relaxing in a hammock by the beach

IF you’re excited now about the countdown to a four-day weekend, how about this tip that could score you a mega-break next time around.

The tip: look ahead and quickly book your Easter (2019) holiday. Do it now, before your clever colleagues catch on.

With Anzac Day set to fall in the same week as Easter Monday next year, workers will be able to accumulate a 10-day break by taking just three days of annual leave.

The opportunity starts with Good Friday on April 19 and naturally includes the Easter Monday holiday on April 22.

Anzac Day falls three days later on Thursday, April 25 – so simply book off the Tuesday and Wednesday as well as the day after Anzac Day to create a clean 10-day holiday bonanza (including weekends).

Workers haven’t had it this good since April 2011 and the next such opportunity isn’t until 2022, where the trade-off will be four days of leave for an 11-day break.

If that’s not incentive enough, next year’s run also correlates to the first week of school holidays.

All that’s left to do now is spend this year’s Easter break planning what you want to do with your pot of pleasure time!

Here’s how to create a 10-day break next Easter:

1. Friday, April 19 – Good Friday public holiday
2. Saturday, April 20 – weekend
3. Sunday, April 21 – weekend
4. Monday, April 22 – Easter Monday public holiday
5. Tuesday, April 23 – take annual leave
6. Wednesday, April 24 – take annual leave
7. Thursday, April 25 – Anzac Day public holiday
8. Friday, April 26 – take annual leave
9. Saturday, April 27 – weekend
10. Sunday, April 28 – weekend

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