Perth’s top car suburbs – the city’s most crowded roads and where the most expensive cars are kept

Toyota leads the pack for cars in WA.
Toyota leads the pack for cars in WA.

MANDURAH is the passenger car capital of Perth, with 52,772 vehicles registered in the 6210 postcode, new Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals.

That is nearly 8000, or 17.7 per cent, more than the second-placed Wanneroo postcode of 6065 (44,820 registrations).

Canning Vale (6155) is the third-largest postcode for registered cars at 34,360.

The top two suggest the northern and southern tips of greater metropolitan Perth cannot rely on public transport and opt for their vehicles much more than other Perth residents.

The 2017 registrations broken down by postcode were released to Community News on Friday as the ABS released preliminary 2018 data that showed WA total passenger vehicle registrations grew just 0.6 per cent in the year to June 30 to 1,602,966.

Total WA motor vehicle registrations at June 30 were 2,231,564. Nationally there are 14,330,432 passenger vehicles registered and 19,173,279 vehicles.

Toyota is WA’s most popular vehicle maker (321,780), as it is on the national scene (2,891,291).

Locally, Holden lags in second place, with 195,738 vehicles registered on our roads, but third-placed Hyundai is closing fast (157,504).

While Toyota is also the most popular manufacturer in Mandurah’s 6210 postcode, Holden is a close second at 8237 vehicles – a much tighter race than most other postcodes.

Applecross and Canning Bridge (postcode 6153) is home to the Ferrari (28), ahead of the 6011 postcode of Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove (16) and the 6020 postcode of Marmion, North Beach and Sorrento.

There are more Rolls Royces in the 6009 postcode of Nedlands and Dalkeith (18), ahead of 16 in the 6055 postcode (Caversham, Guildford, West Swan) and 13 in Herdsman and Osborne Park (postcode 6017).

Nedlands and Dalkeith is also the leading home of the Porsche (211), Mercedes (1058) and Bentley (26).

But Applecross and Canning Bridge (postcode 6153) have the most Maseratis (24).

The scarcest car makes in WA, each with 3, are the Australian Classic, Chamberlain, Dennis, Ferguson, Foden, Haval, Hyster, Infiniti, Italjet, Mahindra, MZ, Nuffield, Oka, Reliant, Singer and Vincent.