Perth’s worst suburbs for animal cruelty complaints revealed as numbers rise

Beau, the ginger cat pictured, was shot with a bow and arrow in Ellenbrook.
Beau, the ginger cat pictured, was shot with a bow and arrow in Ellenbrook.

A CAT shot with an arrow, a dog left to starve to death and dozens of pets left to suffer in hot cars are just some of the disturbing animal cruelty complaints registered in Perth this year – and the RSPCA WA says they are on the rise.

January and February had the highest numbers of animal cruelty complaints on record, according to the organisation.

Armadale and Midland were revealed to be “cruelty hotspots” with the highest number of reports in the 2017 calendar year.

Armadale registered 102 reports in 2017, overtaking Baldivis – which ranked as the worst in 2016.

The list also revealed that Armadale and Midland were tracking as the worst suburbs for 2018, with 29 cruelty reports each this year to date.

The City of Swan was revealed as the worst local government area for cruelty in 2016 and 2017, with reports on the rise again this year.

The City of Wanneroo area ranked second highest in 2017 with 501 reports, closely followed by City of Rockingham with 440 reports.

RSPCA WA chief executive David van Ooran said the nature of cruelty complaints changed slightly in each suburb but there were common complaints being reported across the State.

He said it was disturbing to see cruelty complaints on the rise but reiterated the need for the community to stay vigilant.

“Compared to the first four months of 2018, we’re tracking higher than 2017,” he said.

“We received the highest number of cruelty complaints in January and February this year since current records began.

“This is not good enough – we need to put a stop to animal cruelty and we need more inspectors on the roads.

“The reports we received all come from concerned community members, who are our eyes and ears on the ground, bringing these horrible events to our attention.”

Mr van Ooran commented on horrific attacks on animals around Perth last month, which included a cat being shot with a bow and arrow in Ellenbrook and a pony shot by a bow and arrow near Byford.

“The disturbing cases from the last month across Perth have really rattled the community, and we have heard the outrage loud and clear,” he said.

“We are following up a number of leads – this is why reporting cruelty is so important.”

Mr van Ooran said it was concerning see a rise in complaints, but it also meant the community was not tolerating cruelty towards animals.

“The most common cruelty complaints received across the State last year included ill treatment of animals (e.g. kicking an animal), abandonment, insufficient food and water, and dogs in hot cars,” he said.

“While dogs in hot cars is generally a summer complaint, it is quite alarming that enough complaints have been received that it has shown up as the fourth highest number of complaints across the State for the whole year.

“Failure to alleviate harm, which could be someone failing to take their sick or injured pet to the vet was also one of the top five highest complaints received.

“In some cases we know people might be experiencing financial hardship and can’t afford vet care, but in more disturbing cases, people have simply ignored their pet’s suffering.”

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