Petition helps keep café running

Cool Breeze Cafe owner Giorgia Johnson is staying put. Picture: Marcus Whisson   d434055
Cool Breeze Cafe owner Giorgia Johnson is staying put. Picture: Marcus Whisson d434055

At the February Bayswater Council meeting, councillors voted against owner Giorgia Johnson using the City�s power supply.

Ms Johnson had been using and paying for the electricity since 2013 but that information was omitted from the council agenda.

Some councillors were confused and thought they were voting to allow Ms Johnson to power her business for free.

The decision to not allow Ms Johnson to continue operating with the use of the City�s power was rescinded 10/1 at the March meeting.

Ms Johnson said she was happy with the decision and was overwhelmed by community support.

�We�re happy we still get to use the power and that the community supported us and contacted the council,� she said.

�That contact helped change the council�s mind.�

Councillor Alan Radford, who voted against the decision, said when the food van began the City didn�t have a policy but now it did, it was offensive that Cool Breeze Cafe didn�t meet it.

�We should have a level playing field,� he said.

�I don�t know why we should rescind the decision.�

Cr Radford said the food van policy was being thrown out the door.

Councillor Stephanie Coates said because the food van was operating before the policy was established there should be a clause for Cool Breeze Cafe.

Ms Johnson said the food van policy was only a trial anyway and that councillors kept talking about it like it�s policy but it�s just a 12 month trial.

Councillor Terry Kenyon said the policy was wrong and needed to be re-done.

Councillors also voted in support of the van being left in a carpark over night at the owner�s risk and the potential of a permanent cafe in the area.