All the places to pick strawberries around Perth this weekend

Young boy picking strawberries
Young boy picking strawberries

THERE’s no better way to get behind strawberry farmers in WA than to take your kids to the farm to pick them fresh this weekend.

In no particular order, here are five farms where you can do just that.

1 D’Uva’s 

Open all long weekend it’s just $8 for a 3kg tray.

It’s at 424 Badgerup Road, Wanneroo.

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2 Kien’s Strawberry Farm 

Open all weekend it’s $8 for a box of strawberries and they also do $5 bunches of garlic.

Kien’s is at 362 Badgerup Road, Gnangara.

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3 Lena Strawberry Farm

It’s $10 for a tray weighing 3kg max.

Lena’s is at 1021 Thomas Rd, Anketell.

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4 TI Strawberry Farm 

Prices are $10 per tray which fits at least 5-6kg plus $2 entry per person.

The farmers are happy for people to eat while they pick!

TI’s is at 263 Old West Road, Bullsbrook. 
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5 Wanneroo Strawberry Farm
This farm charges $7 for three kilos.
It is at 55 Grisker road, Wanneroo.
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