Planning panel fears

Four applications within the City were determined and approved by DAP in 2014 with one not supported by the City itself.

Cr Albert said the number of $2-2.9 million developments assessed by the City in 2013 and 2014 was not available but an investigation of what the new changes would mean for ratepayers, development applications and the City was underway. �In general, the City has concerns that the DAP takes decision-making away from elected members,� he said.

�This could possibly result in development that negatively impacts the heritage, character and amenity of residential areas that are valued by their community.

�If our investigation shows that the new changes will make it easier to bypass local government then this will increase our concerns.�

Cr Albert said he understood the State Government introduced the panel system to simplify, streamline and process these large-value and complex development applications in a reasonable time. �I would certainly hope the intention has nothing to do with rendering local governments redundant in planning decisions,� he added.

Bassendean chief executive Bob Jarvis said the Town had no real problems with the DAP processes to date, and at face value the proposed changes seemed reasonable with little impact to ratepayers.

He said there were no DAP applications determined in the Town last year.

�If the proposals are in line with council�s vision for the area, I see no reason why they wouldn�t come to the Town for approval,� he said.