President backs council

Mr Green said the City was developing the initiative to counter the ‘negative profile being put up by the City of Stirling’ in its ‘Stay in Stirling’ program that campaigns against local government mergers.

‘I think the City of Stirling is being quite negative about it,’ he said.

‘I understand they’re going to lose a lot of fairly high rateable properties but I still don’t think that’s worth the negative campaign that they’re running.

‘What the City of Bayswater has done is very apt, it is quite admirable really,’ he said.

‘The adverts stress the positives of living in the City of Bayswater, which I think is a very good thing.’

Mr Green said one positive of living in the City was the three bins offered.

‘The three bins is a very attractive item to most ratepayers,’ he said.

‘No other council offers the three bins ” it was quite the innovation by the City of Bayswater.’