Proposals process cops criticism from Bayswater Deserves Better

LOBBY group Bayswater Deserves Better has arranged a special electors meeting for tomorrow night to call on the City of Bayswater for better community consultation over proposed developments.

The group hopes to persuade the City to ensure there is proper community consultation included in the Structure Plan process to start next year and enough time allowed for feedback.

Group spokesman Keith Clements said they also wanted assurance from the City that it would consult with the Heritage Council of WA when developing town planning schemes and amendments that relate to heritage areas or precincts.

The call comes after a controversial application for a proposed development was put forward for a seven-storey building with 27 apartments and two offices for King William Street, despite the area being a special control area that only allows up to five storeys and 20 metres high.

The proposal received 48 objections, eight supporting and six conditional supports for the plan.

Group members believed the proposal was out of character for the area and lobbied against it in hopes of preserving the heritage of the area.

The City and Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) both rejected the proposal and Yolk property director Pete Adams said the company would listen to the concerns of residents.

Mr Clements said if it was to be passed by the State Administrative Tribunal, it would set precedence.

β€œThe whole system is deeply flawed,” he said.

All voters are welcome to the meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, December 16 at the Embleton room, City of Bayswater Civic Centre 61 Broun Avenue, Morley.