Put another dime in the jukebox baby

Jukebox restorer Vic Donis with business partner Rick
Jukebox restorer Vic Donis with business partner Rick

The now 53-year-old was fascinated at the time with all things mechanical and as a young child would dismantle and rebuild record players, radios and pretty much any device he could get his hands on.

At 13, he went to night school where he completed several technical courses, became a mechanic and finished an engineering course.

Fast forward a few decades and it is no surprise that Mr Donis can turn old jukeboxes, which could be mistaken for junk, into functional pieces of art that sound as sensational as they look.

It takes the artisan more than 400 hours to restore a vintage jukebox, but his skills are second-to-none and money paid for the finished product would never truly add up to the hours he puts into the machines.

‘If I had to charge for every second I was working on a juke box then people would not be able to afford one,’ he said.

‘It’s got to be perfect. Sound perfect. Look perfect.’

Mr Donis’ adoration of jukeboxes is now dovetailing into Australians’ renewed love of and interest in vinyl records.

Although he said he had never ‘left’ vinyl.

‘I’ve always been fascinated with the turning record. I sit in front of my jukebox just to watch the records play,’ Mr Donis said.

About 18 months ago, he met Rick Elkington who coveted the restorer’s jukebox.

The business E Jukebox Restoration was soon established and the two men now sell the music machines to people across Australia, including a Melbourne celebrity chef.

Mr Donis adores everything vintage and mechanical.

The duo source old jukeboxes from the United States and ship them to Australia.

Call Mr Donis on 0419 909 094.