Rainbow flag fails to fly in Bassendean

TOWN of Bassendean councillor Paul Bridges admits he “jumped the gun” with his motion to permanently fly the rainbow flag outside council chambers.

The motion lapsed at Tuesday’s council meeting when it did not receive a seconder.

Cr Bridges raised eyebrows last month when he gave notice of his motion “that the Town fly the rainbow flag in lieu of the Torres Straits Islander or the Town of Bassendean flag to show support for our gay and lesbian residents and marriage equality and staff to cost an additional flag pole”.

Cr Bridges said he received more feedback from the community against the motion than in support.

“I did expect that the motion would not have a seconder; I think I jumped the gun,” he said.

“The end flag pole is the one that the council flag is on and that can be used for community groups and sports clubs, so I plan to give notice for a similar motion to fly the flag on that pole during pride month next year.”

Cr Bridges said he had to wait three months before putting the new motion forward.

Mayor John Gangell said he was not aware that Cr Bridges would put forward another motion.

“Cr Bridges needs to learn the value of consulting with our community and respect other people’s views that may differ from his own,” Cr Gangell said.

Living Proud chairman Phil Hampton told the Eastern Reporter than any support of the LGBTI community was welcomed.

“Any public show of support for LGBTI people and their right for equality in areas such as marriage can have a positive impact on their mental health and well-being, along with on that of their families and friends,” he said.