Residents consulted on major project in Bassendean

BASSENDEAN residents will have their say from today on a proposed redevelopment of 11 hectares of land near the oval.

Planning Minister John Day today announced extensive community consultation would help shape the redevelopment which would include a mix of residential dwellings and community facilities.

Two key sites selected include around Bassendean Oval and a parcel of land to the north of the town centre

“Enabling this redevelopment, which we hope to occur over the next five years, would lead to further revitalisation of Bassendean as a town centre,” he said.

He said $3 million would be made available to redevelop the Swan Districts Football Club premises and “to ensure it is on sustainable footing into the future.”

He said the Bassendean project was similar to the one in Claremont.

Town of Bassendean mayor John Gangell said the redevelopment would make Bassendean “the cornerstone of the eastern region.”

The online survey is open until December 18, 2015.

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