Residents show might over sale of reserve

Residents at a community meeting last week.
Residents at a community meeting last week.

Clarke Way Reserve was under threat to be sold off to private developers but after backlash from Bassendean residents, the possible Government acquisition was revoked by councillors.

Reid Street resident Suzanne Von Paleske said she was happy to hear council had decided stop the sale of the reserve.

‘I thank the mayor and councillors who have listened to the community and done something about it,’ she said.

‘It’s a real community area and there are no problems with it so we don’t want to lose it.’

Mrs Paleske said she was happy with the community support surrounding the possible sale and there was talk of a group forming to make it a better place.

‘We were thinking we might actually grab a group of people similar to the Ashfield CAN and see if we can make it better,’ she said.

‘I think a few people were interested so we are going to see if we can get some more things done for the children.’

Resident Carol Seidel said councillors had previously tried selling off parks years ago but after receiving community backlash, as with the case with Clarke Way Reserve, the idea was put to rest.