RSPCA WA teams up with Aeropets to fly animals to new homes

NEGLECTED animals will get a second chance at a happy life thanks to the help of a pet transport company.

Teaming up with RSPCA WA, Aeropets flew dozens of dogs and cats from Kalgoorlie to Perth last week in the hope the four-legged pals would find their forever home.

The free service relocates the animals to the centre’s Malaga animal shelter where they are given appropriate veterinary treatment, before being sterilised, vaccinated and found new loving homes.

RSPCA WA Kalgoorlie inspector Fiona Brown said the transport company had been generous in agreeing to fly the homeless animals to safety, and to a new, happy life.

“There are many animals in need in Kalgoorlie and, with the generosity of Aeropets, we are relocating many individual pets to Perth every month which is just wonderful,” she said.

Pets rescued and relocated to Perth this week included cats Violet, Hyacinth and Emmet and six-year-old blind Staffordshire terrier Truman.