Saffioti to meet with WACA to discuss Big Bash League Optus Stadium crowd cap

Transport minister Rita Saffioti speaking with media on Wednesday (January 17).
Transport minister Rita Saffioti speaking with media on Wednesday (January 17).

TRANSPORT Minister Rita Saffioti will meet with transport agencies and the WACA today to revisit a cap of 40,000 people at Perth Stadium for a potential Perth Scorchers semi-final.

Speaking at a press conference in Malaga this morning, Ms Saffioti said the backlash she received for announcing the cap on Monday was “becoming a test match”.

“I was asked a direct question and I gave a direct answer – I think that was probably what happened,” she said.

“Honestly, we want to make as many people as possible get to the game and we want to make sure they get there on time too.

“I could sugar-coat it and I could say all the things in the world, but if they are not true, I am not going to say them.”

Ms Saffioti said the “pure numbers” posed a challenge for the public transport system.

She said the cap for a Big Bash semi-final held in the afternoon on a weekday was a decision made last year.

“If we can get people there early, I think that will achieve or help solve the problem,” she said.

“We also want to monitor the Community Open Day (on January 21) and we have to monitor to see exactly where the Scorchers finish.

“I know they are doing very well this season so a semi-final is likely and we will work to get as many people as possible to the game.

“We will be working with the WACA, we will be looking at how the system operates this weekend.”

Ms Saffioti plans to make the final decision after the men’s BBL game on January 27.

She said concerts would post challenges, but the timing was different.