Salmonella scare causes sales drop

Lui Donatelli.        d449697
Lui Donatelli.        d449697

The brothers, who own Malaga-based Greenfield Foods, have been making pre-packaged salads in WA since 1993, supplying to more than 120 stores.

They say sales of their products have dropped since the salmonella scare earlier this month.

Dino said customers seemed to be panicking and many pre-packaged salads were being left on supermarket shelves.

“We have noticed a decline in sales this week because people are frightened of what has been said on social media and radio,” Dino said.

“There has been a lot of negative talk that the pre-packaged salad market is unsafe and people are questioning the safeness of the product.

Dino said his business applied stringent quality control and used the freshest possible produce exclusively from local suppliers.

Last week, a Health Department spokesman said two probable cases of salmonella in WA were of the same strain as those being reported interstate, but were not linked to lettuce contamination.