Salvation Army: kids in more than a million households won’t get Christmas presents

Sad Christmas for some Perth kids.
Sad Christmas for some Perth kids.

RESEARCH by the Salvation Army claims that Christmas will not be a merry time for a number of Perth kids, with about 1.6 million Australians with children under 10 saying they can’t afford Christmas presents.

The charity claims this is an “alarming increase” from previous years.

The numbers come from research commissioned by the Salvation Army, released on Wednesday, and show that around a million more Australians won’t be able to give presents this year, compared to 2016.

It reveals a bleak picture for many this Christmas, Major Paul Moulds said.

“People living on marginal incomes and tight budgets are already carefully managing how they spend their money,” he said.

“But with power prices escalating, housing affordability getting worse and more Australians struggling to get enough paid work, it’s getting harder and harder for many people to keep their head above water.”

The figures were revealed as the Salvation Army embarks on its annual Christmas appeal.

Maj Moulds said the organisation was struggling to help all those in need.

“Over Christmas we will help over 300,000 people, serve over 10,000 meals and distribute more than half a million gifts and toys,” he said.