Scalpers take advantage of West Coast Eagles and Melbourne fans selling tickets at more than double the original price

Pic via Gumtree
Pic via Gumtree

OPPORTUNISTS are already taking advantage of West Coast Eagles and Melbourne fans desperate to see their teams in this weekend’s second preliminary final.

One Gumtree seller is offering tickets that cost $159 via the Ticketmaster for $400.

Another is selling a ticket which originally cost $187 for $500.

Other sellers are offering to sell their tickets to the highest bidder.

Disappointed fans took to Twitter minutes after tickets went on sale to express their disappointment at missing out.

The State Government warned footy fans against buying tickets from anyone but Ticketmaster for the blockbuster this weekend.

“Patrons at some of Perth’s major venues are regularly left disappointed and out-of-pocket after purchasing tickets from unauthorised sellers and being unable to enter events,” the warning said.

“Professional ticket scalpers employ sophisticated technology to buy tickets in bulk, before offering them for heavily inflated prices on online platforms such as Viagogo and Gumtree.

“Some unauthorised online resellers design their websites to appear legitimate, while others purchase special arrangements from search engines to display their platforms more prominently than authorised sellers.

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