Stepping down not a difficult decision

Cr Brinkworth was first elected in 1988, following in her father-in-law Eric Brinkworth�s footsteps, who had served in the 1950s.

After she was �thrown off� the council in 1994 by environmental groups who campaigned against her because they thought their interests were not being looked after, according to Cr Brink-worth, she was voted back on in 1995 and has been there since.

She said after having a tumour removed from her back and her husband Allan�s death last year, it was time to look after herself.

�I always had the support of Allan and our four boys and I could not have done it for so long without their support,� she said.

�After Allan died I also had support from my fellow councillors and staff; John (Gangell) has been good, he picks me up and takes me to council meetings.

�I will miss the companionship of the other councillors and staff.�

What she would not miss, she said, was reading the council meeting agenda each month.

�I really have to read them a couple of times; we get them on Friday and I will read it then, but then again on Monday night,� she said.

�There is a lot of reading and research involved.�

Cr Brinkworth said she would still keep an eye on council decisions.

�I will go to meetings if there is something interesting going on,� she said.